The set up pt 10

“Open the fucking door, Mary” Spencer called out, his face pressed against the wooden door to muffle his words. He knew she was home. The driver had parked a block away and they waited for her roommates to leave. Putting a hand over the glass peephole, he banged with his forehead, not stopping when the pain formed. Spencer was on a mission and if she didn’t open the door, his back up plan way to have the place torched with her inside. One way or another, he would get what he came for. Even if that meant killing his only daughter in the process.

Screaming from the other side of the door, Gypsy feared the anger in his voice. She had heard him angry before, but this was something different. There was an underlying tone of desperation. That scared her more than anything. The one thing she knew about her father was that he wasn’t afraid of anyone.

“Get the fuck off my front porch. I have a restraining order against you, and I will call the police,” yelling back, she slid the chain lock on the door, opening it slightly to see her father. “I swear to god, Spencer, if you don’t leave, I will have you arrested.”

One hard push as the chain broke, snapping in half. He warned her what would happen, and, in his mind, she should have listened. Now, she would need to be punished for her disobedience. Reaching out, his hand gripped her neck, holding her with the threats of lifting her to restrict her breathing. “I want my fucking Granddaughter, and I want her right fucking now. Did you give up Kennedy’s blood for adoption? You’re a worthless little bitch,” growling, his fingers now tightening into the arteries in her neck.

Screams formed in her throat, holding there as the pressure increase against her slender neck. “She’s not here,” her words barely audible. He was choking her and asking her questions at the same time. “Someone took her away,” Gypsy worked the words out, her eyes resembling a deer in the headlights.

His grip tightening, he walked her body back until she hit the wall with a loud thud. Pushing his hand up, Spencer didn’t stop until her feet dangled in the air and she gasped for air. “Fucking liar. You gave my flesh and blood up for adoption and told us she was dead. Do you know how bad I want to snap this fucking neck right now?” growling, his face now inches away from hers.

Tears rolling down her cheeks, she knew one day this would happen. Her ex had promised to keep the dragon away, and now she was on her own, fighting to keep her kingdom safe from predators like Spencer Kennedy. “You will never fucking see my daughter. Never,” whispering, her eyes closed knowing something bad was coming. She was finally standing against him.

Lowering her, he hand released her throat, but not before his other hand made direct contact with her face. Blood pouring from her lips, it wasn’t the first time he had hit her, but if she had her way, it would be the last.

Spitting blood on contact, her lips swelled from the strike. Without thinking, she spat it all in his face, defiant she wouldn’t give into him without a fight. That scared little girl was long gone. He had taken away her childhood with his sickness, and she would take away his ability to see her daughter grow. Spencer Kennedy was a monster and she would never allow him to hurt her family again.

He should have known she would pull a move like that. She was trash in his eyes. Grabbing her hair, he knotted his fist in her blonde strands, dragging her through the house on the way to the bathroom. Gypsy raked her nails down the hardwood floor, her legs kicking as she screamed for help. No one could hear her. The beach house secluded from the rest of the homes, that was the one reason she bought it. She thrived on her privacy. Turning the bath on hot, he pushed her face under the stream, knowing he would scald that pretty face, ruining her. “My little girl needs and bath and lucky for you, Daddy is here to give you one. Do you remember those baths I gave you, Mary?”

Screaming, the water burning, she managed to reach her hand around, slipping her fingers down deep in her pocket. One flick and the knife opened. Gypsy knew she would need to be quick if she was to get away. Flinging her arm back, stabbing the blade into his thigh, the moment he released her, she ran.

“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Spencer screamed, yanking the knife from his leg, following her out of the bathroom. What he didn’t know was since his last visit, she had a safe room placed in the house, locking it from the inside.

Wet, shaking, and huddled in the corner, she rocked back and forth, her cries as damaging as his actions. “Please no, Daddy. Please, I won’t tell anyone. Don’t hurt me anymore, Daddy,” crying, she was reverting to childhood, the nightmares coming back to haunt her.

Pounding on the door, Spencer knew at that moment that today wouldn’t be the day he took that baby home, but soon, he would have her all to himself. “Open this door you fucking bitch. When I find you, I am going to slit you open and let the seagulls eat on your intestines!” pounding, the blood poured down his leg in a crimson river. “This isn’t over Mary. I’ll huff and I’ll puff, and rip your fucking world apart.”

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