The set up pt 18

“Mr. Kennedy, are you okay?” Serenity asked. At 17, she was in her first year of being an intern on capitol hill and assigned to Spencer Kennedy’s office. The strikingly beautiful young blonde had already found out the hard way that Spencer gets what he wants. Forced to perform sexual favors for the older man, she found herself falling for Spencer. It would prove to be the dumbest move she had ever made.

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The set up pt 16 ~ Checkmate

“Get me the fuck out of here, you stupid fucking cunt,” Angelina screamed.

Slamming the door to a well-kept warehouse, Nicolette had heard enough from the foul-mouthed bitch. Angelina Paloma was reaching that point that she was on the verge of resting her eyes for the last night of her life. It wasn’t like Angelina didn’t have a comfortable stay. She was better off than any homeless person in this country. She has heat, a warm bed, and three catered meals a day. It might not have been the Four Seasons, but it was as lovely as any budget Inn. Nicolette didn’t want to hurt the woman. She wanted to destroy her husband and his reputation. Kicking a man in the nuts hurts less than taking away the respect of his associates. At the end of life, a name is what you want everyone to remember. Nicolette would make sure Frank Paloma was the laughingstock of Cosa Nostra. If they only knew he held a two-month-old baby hostage, the men would kill him. You do not harm children.

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The set up pt 15

“Three days, Marco. It’s been three days since Angelina was taken. Granted, it’s quiet, and my bank account is confused by her absence, but you don’t take what is mine. “Frank said. Whoever took his wife on the night of the hit was a dead man walking. He wasn’t taking this lightly. If it was the Kennedy girl, he would slit that bitch open and take a piss in the carcass. In the back of his head, though, he knew the young blonde didn’t have this in her. She was a gentle spirit, and what he likes to call, a fucking hippy. If Angelina was found dead, so would the hooker. You don’t fuck with Frank Paloma and live to see another day. “You send that bitch a message from me. She has 24 hours before we start dissecting that kid and sending it back to the mother piece by piece. You send her a picture of the kid. It’s just business, Marco. Right now, I can’t be called a pushover. It looks bad for business,” Frank said. He didn’t want to kill the kid, but this was business and his family honor on the line. He would not allow the Paloma family to be cast in a negative light.

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The set up pt 13

“Feet, don’t fail me now. I don’t know if I can make it another day,” Gypsy said. The big oak door that led inside of a local catholic church creaked as she opened it to reveal the interior of the church. A wall of incense enveloped her the moment she took the first step inside. Was that Frankincense? Or did that even exist? Maybe it was just some lie they told children about the three wise men.

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The set up pt 12

“Please help me,” her voice barely above a whisper, Gypsy lay in the corner of the safe room, shaking from the events that unfolded. Her father’s threats unhinged her. If he ever got his hands on her daughter, she would kill him. That was not a threat, but a promise. She wouldn’t stop till there was no life left in the elder male. As fucked up as her life was, the one thing you never harm is a child. They are to be protected at all costs. That was the entire reason she sent the newborn away to a family she thought to be safe.

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The set up pt 10

“Open the fucking door, Mary” Spencer called out, his face pressed against the wooden door to muffle his words. He knew she was home. The driver had parked a block away and they waited for her roommates to leave. Putting a hand over the glass peephole, he banged with his forehead, not stopping when the pain formed. Spencer was on a mission and if she didn’t open the door, his back up plan way to have the place torched with her inside. One way or another, he would get what he came for. Even if that meant killing his only daughter in the process.

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