Dirty deeds

This week my favorite client came back. I know I am not supposed to pick one over another, but he will always be the one I never could have. I guess you can say, he’s the one who got away.

“I got it, Dave. Pick up the shoes, his cleaning, and a gift for his wife,” did the last word come out as bad as I think it did? I hope he didn’t notice my distaste for the client’s wife. I’m sure she was a lovely woman, but she wasn’t me. I guess you don’t ever marry a whore.

The shoes were new, a pair of Jimmy Choos in my favorite shade of red. I had never picked up a gift for a woman before. I had no clue about her, so doing a little research would be in order. She was the typical blonde model with more fake parts than real. Maybe a trip to the plastic surgeon would excite her. I opted for diamond earrings and a bottle of perfume. She would be satisfied with that. Any woman would be.

I arrived at my hotel room at about 4 pm, he always gets me a room of my own. I have come to appreciate that even though he is a complete asshole at times, he does take care of my needs. On my bed when I arrived what a red gown, floor length, stockings, and a diamond necklace that I’m sure was insured for more than I made in a year. At times he would give me jewelry to wear on a date, but it was always returned before I left. The only thing I ever got to keep was a bracelet that he gave me for my 18th birthday. Well, that and little gifts of clothing.

A long shower, my body sprayed in his favorite scent, and I was to meet him in the lobby of the hotel for dinner. Anyone would think we were a couple, but I knew the sad truth. I was paid for a whore and he was my client. Watching in the mirror as the dress clung to my body, I was better than this. I knew it, but this life was one I couldn’t leave. I craved the satisfaction of being sold like a whore, used as a piece of meat, and left like I was nothing. This was my life. I hated what I loved!

A slip of fingers over my cheeks, there was no need for tears of shame. I was not ashamed of myself, only that I had fallen for my client. Within moments of arriving in the lobby, I always showed up early, I was a little taken back to see my client was not alone. He arrived with another male by his side. Somewhere in the pit of my stomach, I was a little scared.

“Gypsy, my dear. This is a business associate of mine. He will be joining us for dinner.”

His smirk scared me. I was frightened for the moment that something was going on and I hadn’t been told about it. Placing his hand on the center of my back, the dress didn’t start till right about my tailbone. I could feel the pressure in his hand and I was scared. He never brought anyone along on our dates. It was always kept hushed from the rest of the world.

Dinner went off without a hitch, there was nothing to lead me to believe this was anything more than business for him. I kept quiet, spoke when asked a question, and didn’t intervene in their issues. For the most part, they only talked about a new merger with a major company. I mentally took notes in case he asked me later about something.

“Gypsy, you will be joining my friend for the evening. I will be in my room and going over some business. Make sure he is well taken care of Princess.”

He lifted my hand, placed a kiss to my fingers, and left. WHAT! He was selling me off to a friend for the evening? How dare he assume I would even do something like this. I could have texted my agency and denied this client, but I would lose the regular. He didn’t care for me and now I knew it.

“Are you ready, Gypsy?”

Four words that stabbed my soul, and changed the way I felt about the man I adored. A blot of my lips, I nodded my head and followed the tall male to his room. It wasn’t that he was unappealing, or even unattractive, it was the way this played out. I was conned tonight and as much as I wanted to run and cry, I didn’t. You must put on your big girl panties at times and play hardball. I was going to win this game if it killed me.

Fast forward 15 minutes and I would be on my knees in the hotel room, his cock pushing down my throat, and big balls slapping my chin. He was huge. Removing the pins from my hair, his hand-knotted in the soft blonde strands, pushing farther down my throat. I will admit I was choking here. My throat on the verge of ripping from the abuse. Each forceful thrust pushed the head of his cock deeper into my airway, blocking my gasps for air. He was going to rape my throat with his cock, or so he spat out at me while pumping deeper, strangling me.

I was on the verge of passing out when he yanked back. His eyes bore down at me and spit hit my face like a scalding weapon of vengeance. Never had this happened to me? I swore right then I was done with my client. He would never re-book with me. That would not save me here, but in the future, he would never make me do this again.

“Get the fuck up and bend over the bed. I’m going to rip the fucking cunt right out of your body!”

Come back soon for what happened next. You’ll be as shocked as I was

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