They called her Grace

(Fast forward 4 months)

“Push, push. She’s almost here. PUSH!”

Screaming, the child was born into a world of pain and torment. The moment it was confirmed she was female, there was no choice. Mary Elizabeth Kennedy gave birth to a child that day, and fifteen minutes later, she mourned a loss that she would never forget. Some would say she gave the ultimate sacrifice, and others would call her a coward. The fact was, she was alone now and didn’t have the ability to save her daughter from the wrath of her past. If Spencer knew there was a daughter born, he would never allow her to live in peace.

She would hold the child for a moment, counting the fingers and toes. She was perfect. Dark hair, blue eyes, a beauty that she had never seen on a newborn. “I’m so sorry. If there was any other way I would take you home and never allow the world to harm you, but I can’t. I’m alone now, and I can’t even save myself,” whispering, the newborn cradled in her arms, unknowing what was about to happen.

“Miss Kennedy, you shouldn’t hold her for very long. You’ll get attached and that could cause issues,” the soft voice of the social worker explained to Gypsy.

“I’m sorry, but I’ll never see her again. I want to paint this memory in my head forever, but you’re right. Send them in,” voice cracking, she was dying all over again. The suicide attempt was easier than this.

“Mary, this is the Browns. They’ve come to pick up their daughter,” the nurse smiled, the young couple following behind her.

Susan and David Brown had tried to conceive for 3 years with no luck. Susan was a teacher, and David a physician. Both successful, and they would give the baby a stable life. Mary had met them a few months prior but tried to push all of that from her mind. She was handing her daughter over to her family today. Giving her child a chance to have a normal life.

“Oh David, she beautiful. Look at her little hands. All that dark hair. Look at her,” the woman gushed as the nurse placed the baby in her hands. The husband right behind her giving her love and support. Wasn’t that what a father was supposed to do?

“I wrote her a letter. If you ever decide to tell her she’s adopted, can you give her this letter?” whispering, she handed the small white envelope to the couple, her eyes drowning in tears.

Susan smiled, taking the letter and tucking it in her bag. She was scared that Mary would change her mind, but if she only knew the truth, she would understand that Mary wasn’t some broke girl who couldn’t provide. She was a scared mother who was giving her daughter the life she never had.

“What are you naming her?” asking, it was too late, she was already crying.

“Grace. She’s being named after her grandmother on David’s side,” smiling, she was out the door with the baby before Mary could tell her that she loved the name.

Dearest Grace,

The day I found out I was pregnant with you, it was the happiest moment of my life. I knew that I would be a good mother. One that I never had. Your father was so excited to find out about you as well. I want you to know one thing, you were always wanted. I never wanted to say goodbye to you, but I was alone and you needed to be kept safe from this evil world. I hope that you’ve had a wonderful life. One full of laughter and love. You will never know me, but I will never forget you. I love you forever.


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