The set-up pt 4 (Capo’s)

If you’ve ever been to Vegas, you know Capos. It’s a modern-day Mafia speakeasy that will take you back in time when the Mob ran Vegas. It’s a parody of the old lifestyle, but the food is good, and the owners understood the need for privacy. The interior dark red, with a deep oak accent, you can imagine this place in a Godfather movie, and Marlon Brando sucking down a bowl of spaghetti. There’s a charm that many newer places shy away from in favor of sleek lines and clinical white walls. That would never do in a place, or with this style of a crowd. The hush money was still passed under the tables here, and no one batted an eyelash when it was.

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The set up pt-3

The game played on. None of the men in the room phased by the dead body leaning over on Gypsy. No one cared that her face is splattered with the remnant of brain matter. In her head, she screamed for mercy, for help, but those words would never pass her lips. All she knew is women are to be seen, not heard. That was imprinted into her even when she was a child.

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The set up pt 2

Two hours later, standing in front of a full-length mirror, Gypsy slipped the diamonds in her ears as a final touch. No longer wearing his wife’s, these were hers. Bought with her own money the young blonde was done taking his gifts. Some would call her crazy, hell, she knew she was the moment she turned the last one down. There was a time where she cared about the man, but that was long gone. All she felt for this man is hate and regret.

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You’re just a whore

“Gypsy, he’s looking for you again. Better get those shoes polished.”

The laughter that came from Dave irritated the shit out of the small blonde. Nodding her head as she walked by his desk, the form passed to her, she didn’t read it until after hitting the gym. The man, the one that consumed her wanted her again, or so she thought.

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They called her Grace

(Fast forward 4 months)

“Push, push. She’s almost here. PUSH!”

Screaming, the child was born into a world of pain and torment. The moment it was confirmed she was female, there was no choice. Mary Elizabeth Kennedy gave birth to a child that day, and fifteen minutes later, she mourned a loss that she would never forget. Some would say she gave the ultimate sacrifice, and others would call her a coward. The fact was, she was alone now and didn’t have the ability to save her daughter from the wrath of her past. If Spencer knew there was a daughter born, he would never allow her to live in peace.

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During my life as an Escort, I have done some things I have been proud of, and some I am ashamed of. This one lays right there in the middle of the road. I had a client who asked for something specific. He wanted me to be a Nun. I am not Catholic, so I don’t play by the rules of the church, but for the most part, I have some sort of morals. Well, I thought I did at least. If you’re easily offended, skip this bit of writing.

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