Collection of Sins ~Nicolette

Pacing the floor, the small brunette knew it was coming. She could feel the heat burning inside of her. She was 19, and it was long overdue. His promise still unfulfilled, she grew tiresome of waiting. What would happen if she took matters into her own hands and destroyed herself on her own? Would he even know? Of course not. How could he when all he did was make a promise he would never keep. Unknown to her, he was waiting till she was ready to receive the power that would be bestowed upon her.

“Why? You swore you would do this and free me,” she asked out loud, her voice growing tense by the moment. Raking her fingers over the expensive walnut desk, the dark wood threatened to tarnish from her nails.

“Can you stop that? Just stop!” a woman whispered. The secretary calling again to the other room to see if the appointment was ready for her. Our Lady Queen of Angels church is one of the oldest churches in Los Angeles and the place where Nicolette would start her journey. Father Johnathan the Priest in his office today, he would find that today was life-changing for not only Nicolette but for him. The reason he was picked was the fact that he returned from Italy in the last month, and he had been blessed by the Pope. For Nicolette, that meant he will fill her need. A voice in the back of her head formulated the plan that she needs the closest thing to God.

“Father Johnathan will see you now, but I must warn you. He is frail after his trip to the Vatican. He became ill there and has not quite recovered. So please make your stay brief and to the point.”

With her glasses perched just below the bridge of her nose, the older woman looked at Nicolette like she was a Jezzabel. Wasn’t she though? A whore looking for her first victim. The need for this man was growing strong. It’s three days until the highest point of transformation, and she needed a man to destroy.

“I assure you, he will not feel a thing by my presence here today. I only need to speak to him on a very private matter concerning my last trip to Italy,” smiling, Nicolette could look innocent, and in many ways she was. Her virginity was intact, but that was all that was holy about her. Anything else carried the stench of hell, and she was a walking reminder that not all evils live below the earth.

“He’s ready,” the stern voice from behind the desk as she pushed the glasses back across her nose.

With a smirk and a sickeningly sweet voice, Nicolette pushed the tall oak door open, looking up at the massive frame, thanking the woman before she entered. It had to be 15 feet tall, and 5 feet wide. She felt like a lamb entering the lion’s den the moment the door closed behind her. Evil loomed, but not within the man behind the desk, but within the female that now dominated the room with her presence.

“Come sit, my child. What is it that you need from me?” asking, the elderly male’s voice cracked.

Advancing, Nicolette was on a mission to find the man whom she would use for her pleasure. Granted, this one was as old as dirt, but she was sure he would do.

“Father, what I need from you is your sins!” laughing, her voice becoming mechanical the more she spoke.

Father Johnathan rose from his seat, his wrinkled and bruised hands gripped the oak desk as he did. “You need to leave before I alert my assistant,” speaking, his voice gravelly and filled with pain.

Nicolette laughed, moving closer. She didn’t take a seat across from the Father. Instead, she moved to where he stood, her hand to his chest as she pushed him back into the oversized desk chair.

“Get out. You’re the devil. Get out,” fear now took over as he spoke.

Without saying a word, she straddled his lap, a leg on either side of the elderly male. “Oh Father, you must have known I was coming, right?” Nicolette asked, but didn’t care what he said in return. She was there for a reason. With a devilish smirk on her face, she pushed her pussy to his lap, grinding on the old man. Would she get his dick hard? She already had. “Father John. I’m shocked! Do you like younger girls?” asking, he was a man. Of course, he did. “Or maybe it’s the younger boys that crank your shaft?” laughter bounced through the room like a rubber ball. She was being disrespectful to the man by provoking him.

“Get out! You’re a harlot. A Devil!” his voice deeper, the want raping his throat each time he spoke.

Her long brown hair cascading down her back, there was something wicked about the rush of heat through her veins. In no way was this man sexually enticing, but what made her lure him in was his status. Father Johnathan is 70 years old, and for the past 51 years, he’s been a Catholic Priest. The man served under 4 Popes, visiting the Vatican 17 times. He walked the halls where Nicolette was birthed from the raped nun. The same spot where her conception had transpired.

“Don’t you know who I am? My Mother was Sister Mary Grace. She was raped and my birth caused her death. The walls of the Vatican still hold the blood of her sins. SHE WAS RAPED!” laughing, the more she thought about the conception and death the more humor she found in her presence.

“Mary Mother of God, get out. I know who you are. Get out,” screaming, the man clutched his chest, his face stark white with fear. His eyes filling with fear, he knew that she had come for him. She would come for all that hid the tragedy of her life.

Cackling with laughter, Nicolette was not in fear of anything humanly. Why would she be?

“Open the door,” voices and pounding came from the other side of the solid oak door. The secretary had been alerted by the screams of the Priest.

The last moments of his life would be met with a crushing kiss to his lips. She pressed her mouth to his, pinching his nose with her fingers. Each gasp for air he took, her own air spilled the evil into his lungs. The exchange exhilarating for Nicolette but for the Priest, his body went limp as the life was drained from him.

“I warned you Father Johnathan. I came here for your sins, and now, I own them all” whispering in his ear, her tongue drawing a line around her lips to collect them all.

Before she left, she would yank the crucifix from his neck, sliding it down the front of her panties. There was so much more to do before the day of Christs birth.

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