It all comes out in the end pt-3

His hand stroked the back of my head. I sat in the car as though it was my prison. In a lot of ways, I have been sentenced to a life sentence since the day I was born. A female born to a predator would never be safe. It took me years to figure out that’s why my mother hated me. She knew that he wouldn’t be able to keep his hands off of me. So if she hated me, she could be the victim to this all. Often at night, I would hear her screaming at him about me. Each spat of venom ripped another layer of skin from my body. The scars were not physical, but the mental ones are always the deepest.

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It comes out in the end pt-2

The ride to the police station was short and sweet. The sounds of the car radio sending out calls gave the young blond chills up and down her spine. Of course, she knew her city was littered with a high crime rate, but to hear it first hand was an eye-opener. Gypsy thought that she was safe where she lived. Her community covered with multi-million dollar homes, to know a murder had happened right outside her bedroom still hadn’t hit. 

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It all comes out in the end pt 1

The seal on her eyes broke, my orbs drinking in the flashing lights on the ceiling of her bedroom. At first, I thought it was the reflection of the ocean, but the lights were red and blue. Looking over at the nightstand, the clock said it was 6 am. Way too early to be awake on a Sunday. Especially when last night I spent 4 hours listening to a man cry about why his wife doesn’t love him. If we’re being honest here, I could care less about him and his wife. The only thing I liked was the extra 500 in my bank account. That was half of what I needed for a new dress. 

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Witching hour

Stark white, the canvas sat in front of her for an hour now.  1 am, the witching hour and her head filled with despair. How in the hell could this be happening? For the past three nights, she awoke in the middle of the night, her skin as cold as ice, and hands covered in blood. None of it hers. She made certain there was not a flaw on her porcelain skin. Was there a reason for this? A forewarning? It was then that she felt it. Her hip throbbed with searing white pain. So intense that she pulled the pants from her body to search for the cause. Nothing. Only a scar in the shape of an entrance wound. At four months old, it was healed. The Doctors said there would be no long-lasting effects of the shooting. Not physically at least. In her head, the memory of the night would always remain. 

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The visitor pt- 1

Have you ever just felt consumed? It’s the best feeling in the world, yet the scariest. For Gypsy, she’s consumed with an image. Someone, she didn’t know wrecked havoc in her mind and the harder she tried to rid herself, the deeper his nails dug. Who the fuck was this face that had haunted her for the past week. Tall, dark, and she sensed something destructive. Why did every fragment of hair stand on end when he entered her mind? An over-active mind can be a very dangerous place to play.

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