Waking up in Vegas pt 3

“Get the fuck up off the floor, you dumb bitch!”

Voices echoed through the tunnel, the older male made it known he was in charge of this situation. Another Kennedy minion who sold his soul for the highest dollar. One whose morals fell into the sewer years ago.

“Please stop screaming,” the voice shaking. I didn’t even realize it was my own.

“How long?” sitting, my hands combing through the amber strands of hair that now matted to my face. “How long have I been here?” my voice cracked. Do I even want to know how long I’ve been held in this repulsive hell hole?

The male went by the name Jaxon. The dirty little girl by his side must be his woman. She looks like she hasn’t bathed in months and the track marks on her arms are still fresh. Even in the darkness of the underground tunnel, there is enough light to see her sins. “Shut the fuck up. We’re moving. Too much heat down here right now. Get her up, and get her dressed in something that covers that face. Fucking bitch is all over the news right now,” he said, the little addict jumping when he spoke.

“Sure thing boss,” smiling, her teeth jagged and many of them missing. She couldn’t be over 21, and yet she seemed to be so much older. Street years hadn’t been kind to her.

Scrambling, her pupils constricting to a pinpoint, the girl tossed a hoodie at me, looking flustered and in the need of a fix.

“Put it on. Do it. Fucking put it on,” screaming, my ears rang from the chilling echo’s her voice made as it bounced from wall to wall. “I said fucking do it now,” her body bouncing, she kicked, her foot landing in the middle of my back.

“What the fuck, I was getting up you fucking bitch,” anger was an understatement. She never gave me time to get up before taking out her agitation on me. Didn’t these people know? Surely my father enlightened them before having me taken.

The stench burning my nose, there’s a pungent scent of urine filling this shit hole. I’m a fucking Kennedy, this is not how we live. Even when I spent 6 months on the run, I never experienced filth like this.

“I said move your fucking ass you stupid whore,” the male growled, his arms stretching to my hair, pulling my body close. “In less than five fucking minutes this place will be flooded. I will let you fucking drown. Now MOVE YOUR ASS!”

Flood? What the hell did he mean, flood? That’s when I realized that when the rainwater came, these tunnels flooded. Las Vegas was receiving and inch an hour and the gates had sounded 10 minutes ago.

I barely had the hoodie on when we heard it. A whoosh of water coming quick. My arm now clenched in his fist, I was being pulled toward the pinpoint of light at the end. The closer we got, the larger the source of light was. “Please, slow down…”

Part 4 coming soon

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