Waking up in Vegas pt-1

Vegas – Present day

“What the fuck am I doing? I swore to god this wouldn’t happen again, but why not? Me, myself, and I to please now, so fuck the world. I got this,” talking to herself, the girl in the mirror is familiar, but something changed. Years added to her eighteen years of life, she knew that she would never again be the same. Life had bent her over and fucked her in the ass with not a drop of lube. The one thing you learn is that no one in life ever gets out alive.

“Fuck!” hands slapping her face, it took her a moment to realize those were her own hands. Between the red cheeks, and the dark circles beneath her eyes, she looked as though she was on day 4 of a coke binge. The only drug inside her body was caffeine and Tylenol. This migraine visited and never left. Makeup can cover the sins of life, but today, she needed a miracle to fix this. One check to her phone she Gypsy realized that she only has two hours before her taxi’s scheduled to arrive. Vegas was the getaway she needs, but not like this.

“Be at the hotel at 6 pm, check-in under the name Jessica Jones. A suite is being provided. The bar stocked, though you won’t be drinking. On the bed, you’ll find a floor-length red gown in your size, stockings, not nylons, and a pair of 5-inch heels. You are to forgo panties and a bra. We have dinner at 8. Do not be late or you will not like the results.”

One more time she read the note. Why the hell did he say she would be sorry? She was never sorry. Not in this lifetime at least. Packed, dressed, and ready, the ride to the airport was uneventful. A private jet hired to transport her, that too, wasn’t uncommon. If you could afford her company, you can afford to travel in the best possible ways. At a minimum of five grand a day, you get what you pay for. Whores are available on every corner, but when you need discretion and class, you only hire the best.

Welcome to Las Vegas, that sign will forever be imprinted in her mind.

Pouring from every casino on the strip is a decedent buffet of lost dreams and sinful desires. Vegas should be a planet all on its own. Nothing off limits, nothing taboo, welcome to sin city. Leave your morals at the door, and let the games begin.

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