The Visitor pt-2

It was only a dream, and none of this was real, or was it? The man she conjured up in her dream was a fantasy. People don’t manifest just by thoughts alone. Why could she feel his hands on her body? His ice-cold breath on the back of her neck? She was dreaming, and Freddy Kruger is not real.

“Did you hear me?” the man asked. His voice gruff, his need deepened with each word spoken. She felt him. That cock pressing against her bare ass. Of course, he still wore clothing. There is no denying that beast in his pants. Her body trembling as she felt the heartbeat in the head of his cock. None of this is possible unless you allow the mind to take in the filth that the world craves to release.

“Get the fuck off me. You can’t exist unless I allow it. Remember that? You are a figment of my imagination,” a voice came from within her. Was it her voice? Never had she challenged a fantasy till now. Maybe it was to provoke him further. If he was mad, maybe if he was humiliated. She spoke a lot of maybes, but the reality of it all was that she feared him.

She watched in the mirror as his hand pulled away from her pussy, bringing it down in an earth-shattering slap. Almost immediately her soft lower lips began to swell. A handprint left on the flesh would be a reminder of the night’s events.

Screams flooded the small room, her voice echoing from wall to wall. If words could penetrate, the house would host a new mural. Gasping, crying, a rocketship of emotions fell with her tears. She didn’t weep in sadness, but in a longing that she had never felt. “FUCK!” another scream tore from her body and his hand took her mound once again. He was brutal with the strikes. No remorse to what he did, the male stopped at nothing when he forced 3 fingers inside, pulling the thin seal to stretch around his fingers. His nails scraped her soft walls, the scent of copper filling the air. Gnarly thrusts inside of her tight cunt, he forced her to take the vicious assault against her sensitive core.

Searing heat radiated through her like and ignited furnace, she dripped a trail of perspiration between the center of her breasts. Panting, the beats of her heart pounded in her head, sending shockwaves through her body. A fucking stranger was molesting her most sacred spot, and like any cheap whore, she was not resisting him. Those fingers raked her flesh, the beds of his nails collecting tiny slivers of flesh beneath each one. Was he clawing his way in, or was he digging his way out?

“I am carving my fucking name inside of you. Every dick you take from this day forth will be stained with my name. It will be burned on the shaft for trespassing what I own,” his voice a deep-seated growl, his tongue licking the tears that fell from her eyes.

“Cum for me or I will make it impossible for the body to be identified!”

Words of doom brought her to the pinnacle of lust, she dug her nails into her tits as she came with the intensity of a million earthquakes. Sweet honey poured in a river down her thighs, this was the pleasure. The pain would come soon enough.

Part 3 coming soon

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