The Submission

Without thinking, I moved my hand to the band now placed around my neck. Should I take it off and run? Or, should I embrace this new life that was chose for me.? I still didn’t know why it was me chosen and not someone else. Surely others wouldn’t need to be trained. I am a complete novice in this life. The one of submissive/ Domination. It is almost a sickness that will drive one to give everything about themselves to another person and trust them to not emotionally hurt them.

I took a deep breath and my fingers moved around the choker that was now a symbol of my future. Once he placed the tiny lock on the clasp, my life had been sealed to the Devil. His tattooed hands moving around to my throat, one clasping tight to the hallows of my neck. This an act of dominance. It wasn’t needed to show me that I was now owned by him, but my lids closed, feeling a warm rush through my body. Never once have I ever thought this was what I wanted till today. There is something erotic about feeling helpless. I can only refer to the feeling of a child to a parent. You put everything you have into one soul, praying that they won’t destroy you.

His hands-on my shoulders, he pushes down as a request for me to move to my knees. Of course, I know what he wants, but I leave my mind clear of thinking. I could be wrong, but that’s doubtful. Slowly, I move to the floor, my hands sitting folded in my lap. I’ve sucked cock before, but today, my entire being tells me this is more than a simple blowjob. Breathing shallow, I waited, but there is a part of me that’s scared of what might happen to me today. His words will forever be branded in my mind. I will never forget what he said.

“Today you are reborn. Everything you ever learned about sucking cock is a thing of the past. Do you understand me?” He asked.

It took me a second to put my words together. I have always thought what I did was perfect, but not for this man. He seemed to know what he wanted before he ever gave me a chance. Not to humiliate myself, I simply nodded my head in agreement with him. I honesty didn’t know how to respond to him.

A silk scarf would bind my hands behind my back, he secured them tight, his breathing never changing.

“Too many women use their hands to stroke what they can’t fit in their mouth. You will never be allowed to give me a shit blowjob and try to fool me with your hands. Do you understand me? Even when not bound, you will place your hands behind your back out of respect!” His voice sent shivers down my spine.

Again, I nodded that I understood what he wanted, excited to find out what would happen next. This was all as though I was doing it for the first time. As he explained, I was.

“Open your mouth and stretch your tongue out as far as you can. You will then close your eyes and not move. Do you understand what I’m instructing you to do?” His voice held no emotion when he spoke.

I felt silly doing this, but I didn’t want to disappoint the man. He was giving up so much of this time to teach me to be the perfect submissive pet. Pet? Hmm, was that what I was? A pet! My lips slowly parting, I stretched my tongue as far as I could. My jaws began to ache as I sat in silence. How long would he leave me like this? Was the point to make my jaws hurt? What happened next almost knocked every ounce of air from my lungs.

He spat on my tongue, coating it with his saliva. Why the fuck would you do something so vile to another human being? One who trusted you?

“Do not swallow. Do not move. You will sit there with my fluids on your tongue until I instruct you to swallow it. You will get used to holding my cum in your mouth until I honor you with taking it all down your throat. If you allow any of that to hit the floor, we will start all over again. Do you understand what you’ve been told?” asking, he circled, watching.

I can’t respond to him. I can neither open my eyes or use my mouth. Ever so slightly I nodded my head, the warm spit pooled in the middle of my tongue. It rested on my taste buds, though with the way he had me positioned, I could not taste him. Maybe I was blocking that out. I couldn’t be sure.

His hand to my face, he pinched my nose closed, holding it so I would be forced to breathe through my mouth. Shallow breaths, my tongue remained curled so I didn’t lose a drop. This was the hardest thing I have ever done, and it felt like he would forever make me hold the spit. My jaws ached as though they were on fire, my knees beginning to hurt from the position I was posed in. I didn’t dare move though. There is a part of me that wants nothing more than to please a man. It’s a sickness deep inside of me that I seek no cure.

His hand released my nose, petting me softly over my long golden strands. Was I done? Had I proved that I am worthy? “Swallow and stand. For now, you are to go to bed. You will not touch yourself or you will be punished. I have eyes on you at all times,” He whispered against the lobe of my ear. With eyes closed, I rose to my feet, standing and waiting. My hands still bound, my eyes shut, I would wait to be taken to my room. What did he prove here tonight? He proved that I am worthy of learning how to please a man the proper way.

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