Mistress to the Mafia pt-2

Was I really hearing this? He was on facetime with his wife while I masturbated? He had a loaded gun inside of me, threatening to kill me, and I was told to get off? This man had the voice of a Saint, and the self-control of the Pope. Not many could watch a girl massage her sweet young pussy and not even cause a rise in his pulse. She did note one thing though. He seemed to push the tips of his fingers into the mattress the longer he spoke on the phone. I could tell he was trying to get the both of us off. Her from the phone, and me in general. The silver revolver shined with a slick glaze of honey.

“I’ll be the hospital in a few hours. Give my boy a kiss from his daddy.”

Phone off, his attention back on me. God, I wish he would have stayed on the phone all day. At least when his wife was on the phone, I was safe. My little bit of innocence that was left still intact. I wished to be a child again. One who only worried about skinned knees and the sound of the ice cream truck in the distance. Innocence doesn’t come with an expiration date, but I feel as though there is one on mine. I sold my virginity for twenty grand. No person should ever have to do something like that. I use to laugh when I would hear about such things. I never thought it was true until today.

He pushed his hand across the white sheet, his fingers now gripping the cold metal. His hand wrapped around the handle as he placed his finger on the trigger. If I slipped, he could quickly end it, but if I didn’t, would either recover? Did they want to? The sight scraping the wall, I screamed out in pain as the first hint of copper hit my nose. He scraped my innermost flesh, causing it to trickle a thin line of blood. He hadn’t taken my virginity, but he was close. I feared this act more than anything, but why? It was as natural as walking. People fucked every day of the week. Why should I hold onto something that never belonged to me anyway?

My finger moved over the swollen nerve center. Pinching and twisting the tiny nub, I pushed the image of the gun from my head. Oddly enough it kept creeping back inside of my mind, littering me with carnal needs. What if he rammed the full barrel inside and fucked my cunt while I bled. Stop, that’s not how it happened. I lived with that fantasy for the longest time, but the real truth was so much more intense.

He pulled the gun back, watching it drip pussy nectar, shaking his head. I had drenched the weapon without even trying. Was I as sick as he was? Who get’s off on almost dying? I do.

“Open that fucking cock sucker and clean this. I can’t leave here with my gun smelling like cunt.”

I pushed myself up, nails dragging along the Egyptian cotton sheets. Crawling like a stalking cat. If he would have told me to purr, I would have. It was too hot, and though I hated him, I craved him. Dominance, power, and fear all ran through my head as I drown in a sea of emotions.<br>

This was the beginning of my love for sucking cock. My throat still ached from his dick, but my tongue pushed down that barrel, cleaning all of the juices out. When I was done, it would sparkle as though it was newly purchased and never fired. A small taste of gun powder in the back of my throat let me know he had used it before.

With a firm hand, he pushed me back on the bed, yanking my legs apart, and smirking as he looked down. This was it. I knew it. I was growing to hate him. He reached to the side of the bed, grabbed a little foil package, and slid the contents down the shaft of his cock. Thankfully I would never have sex without a condom. Spitting on the bed of my innocence, a warm glob of saliva hit my clit, the head of his cock smearing it in. It was that moment that he lined himself up, forcing that massive dick in without warning. Every inch inside, my pussy screaming for help along with my mouth.

“Oh my god, fucking stop. Just fucking stop,” I screamed, but the only sort of reaction I got was a hand covering my mouth and his hips thrusting hard enough to shake the bed. Every inch of my body hurt and the scent of blood filled the room. I was bleeding all over his cock. My virginity gone, my thighs warm with a gush of blood, she sold herself for 20 grand. was it worth it? Yes. That was more than some made in a year.

His hand moved when my mouth stopped, but only to be placed around my throat. Subtle choking, I thought at first he would kill me, but then I realized how the lack of oxygen constricted my body to increase his pleasure. My walls strangled his cock like a boa constrictor killing its first meal. He was going to hurt later, but right now, I prayed for a fast finish. Two minutes later he pulled from the inside of me, ripped the bloody condom off, and shot all over my face. A steady stream of cum covering my face, the warmth felt like fire against my skin.

No sooner had he finished was he gone. The sheets covered in blood, my face covered in cum, and twenty thousand dollars thrown around the room for me to pick up. Looking down at the slaughter on the sheets, I knew that I would never be the same again. All I was is a blood stain on a mattress and a memory of the day his son was born. Welcome to the Mafia. A place where the women are whores and the men love them.

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