It comes out in the end pt-2

The ride to the police station was short and sweet. The sounds of the car radio sending out calls gave the young blond chills up and down her spine. Of course, she knew her city was littered with a high crime rate, but to hear it first hand was an eye-opener. Gypsy thought that she was safe where she lived. Her community covered with multi-million dollar homes, to know a murder had happened right outside her bedroom still hadn’t hit. 

Below the police station, there is an underground parking structure where they brought in the arrested and the high affluential citizens. She was a God damn Kennedy, and yet, they took her through public access where the camera’s snapped pictures of the escaped heiress.  By the time the evening news hit she already would be all over TMZ, and every other social media site. This was something that she feared more than the questioning. If her father could get close again, could she stop it? The only way she had in the past was to run as far as she could. 

She was lost in thought when the car pulled to a stop. Gypsy didn’t bring her thoughts back to reality until the door of the unmarked car opened, and the sounds of flashing camera’s threatened to rupture her eardrums. The little girl still residing in her wanted to run, cry, and scream for help, but she wasn’t a little girl anymore. She was a woman, and she was in trouble. 

“Miss Kennedy, will your Father be here? Will your brother….”

Screams from the crowds asking about her family, but nothing about her. No one cared about the 18-year-old blond. They only sought anything they could find out about her family. She put her head down, pulling her hair into her face. Did she think that would hide her identity? Of course not, but for a moment of insanity, she prayed it would. Her phone already chimed with the “what is trending on twitter” Guess who it was? 

Mary Elizabeth Kennedy held in questioning for murder”

She dropped her phone, unable to pick it up due to the shuffling of her inside of the criminal building.

“My phone, I dropped it,” she growled, no one paid attention to the young female. 

“Your Father is waiting in the room for you. He’s asked for privacy, so you have 10 minutes!”

The young cop escorted her into the room, locking the door behind her.

There he was. The man she feared more than anyone in the world. Someone who had destroyed her mind since a very tender age. She backed against the wall, her face already covered in tears.

“Mary Elizabeth, or should I say, Gypsy Rose. You’re looking quite good these days. Don’t worry, you still get Daddy’s dick hard when he sees you. You’ve been released into my custody as long as you don’t leave the state. Daddy has a hotel room for us. An entire floor just for us to reconnect. I’m sure that has my little girl excited.”

His laughter paralyzed her with fear. For so long she fought to keep him away, and now, he was right there in the same room. 

“No. No I won’t go with you. You can’t do this to me. You can’t do this!”

The protest was met with a backhand, her body hitting the wall with a thud. The first thing she would remember was the taste of blood in her mouth. The second would be her father’s arm around her and being put into the back of his limo, the doors locked by the driver. 

“Now be a good girl for Daddy,” his hand on her thigh, the man smiled as he poured his first drink. 

to be continued…

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