A beautiful journey


Her eyes filled with tears as she joined the older man on the park bench. Reaching over, she took his hand, smiling at him. What a vast difference between the two. One barely 18, and the other, he had seen many years in his life. Smooth taut skin clinging to the old wrinkled hand. Who would think that the one person in life you needed the most is a 90-year-old man?

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Fall of an Heiress

Disclaimer: This will contain violence, self harm, and deep emotional distress. If any of these bother you, please do not go any further. The story of Mary is sad, but I see her story in so many out there. The profound sadness of a life gone wrong. This is to show that all the money in the world can’t make someone happy. Is this the end? We shall see. The readers will make this interactive as to whether she comes back from this, or she takes her rightful place in the ground next to her grandfather. I am not doing this to shame any of the other participants. I thank god for each of you. Mary wouldn’t be who she is to me if not for you, so thank you. I love you all more than you know.

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Waking up in Vegas pt-4

Four days in, four days with no food, minimal water, and nightmarish living conditions, a hotel was a surprise. Maybe my father had a change of heart? Not likely, but I could hope. Since the day he had me taken, till now, I prayed for death. Please if there is a God in heaven take me. I can’t do this anymore. It’s too hard to live my life in the shadows, fearing every noise that goes unexplained.

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Waking up in Vegas pt-2

For a week it’s been quiet. A little too quiet? The finest fragments of hair stood up on the back of my neck. The universe unbalanced and my fear of the unknown stayed at a heightened state of alert. God, why does anxiety have to choose me for its victim? All my life, well, since the age of 11 this has haunted me. Since the moment I realized that my time on this earth was limited, and in a blink of an eye, I would be gone.

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Mistress to the Mafia pt-2

Was I really hearing this? He was on facetime with his wife while I masturbated? He had a loaded gun inside of me, threatening to kill me, and I was told to get off? This man had the voice of a Saint, and the self-control of the Pope. Not many could watch a girl massage her sweet young pussy and not even cause a rise in his pulse. She did note one thing though. He seemed to push the tips of his fingers into the mattress the longer he spoke on the phone. I could tell he was trying to get the both of us off. Her from the phone, and me in general. The silver revolver shined with a slick glaze of honey.

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The Submission

Without thinking, I moved my hand to the band now placed around my neck. Should I take it off and run? Or, should I embrace this new life that was chose for me.? I still didn’t know why it was me chosen and not someone else. Surely others wouldn’t need to be trained. I am a complete novice in this life. The one of submissive/ Domination. It is almost a sickness that will drive one to give everything about themselves to another person and trust them to not emotionally hurt them.

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