The Writer

This blog site is to share my thoughts and feelings. None of this is real, and none the same. At times I will write in first person, and others, in third. My mood will inspire the way I place the words on the screen. I have been writing awhile, and honestly, it’s something I do to escape the reality of life. In our words we can be anyone, anything, and anywhere. No one can take our fantasies away from us. I choose to share part of my fucked up world with you.

All I ask is that if you enjoy my writing, tell me. If you don’t, tell me as well. You can’t improve without criticism. I take it very well.

I have a discord, but I won’t share it with many. I am here to write, not fall in love. I’ve done that before and it was the worst time of my life. All I want is to share a little bit of my darkness with others.

Enjoy, and thanks for reading.