The Socialite

Leaning over the edge of the tub, she turned her head to make sure he was watching. As a smirk creased her lips, she reached back with one hand, drawing a fine line up and down the crack of her ass. Damp from the water, she stopped at the entrance, tapping once on the sealed opening. She cried out, her breathing stopped as though she were a mouse in a trap. A single finger pushed inside, sending waves of pain through her entire body. Pain would not detour her. She knew the price she would pay to put on this show. As the tight rim cut the circulation from her finger, she pushed deeper in to prove she was worthy of his time.

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The Gatekeeper -2-

How the hell could my family expect me to get married at 18 and have a child 9 months later? I don’t care what my mother did. That was her stupidity. Just because she wanted to live with a man with over one wife does not mean I do. I have a life to live and a world to explore. I guess I have never felt like the rest of them. All they do is walk around like a group of stepford wives who kiss the asses of all the men around them. My life is worth more than being a breeder for a family of Neanderthal men.

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Gatekeeper – Prologue

Pulling into the old plantation home’s circular drive in Louisiana, Donavan Davis called this home for three years. It was a drastic change from his family’s home in Kansas. No snow cover mountains, no smell of a winter storm brewing. Instead, the scent of spice in the air and the sound of jazz would comfort him to sleep. At 49 years old, he no longer needed the shroud of his family to protect him. He had built a solid foundation of his own.

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Happy New Year

What a way to end 2021. The loss of an icon. 2021 you really were a shit show, and I am glad you’re gone. There is so many people you could have taken, and yet you decide to take the last Golden Girl.

I am not going to do that whole New Year, New Me lie. I plan on making some changes to my life, but if I don’t fill them all, I am going to forgive myself. I am not going to do as I always have and be hard on the human inside of me. This will be the hardest thing I have ever done, but I am tired of making myself feel bad for not getting things done. They will get done when I am ready.

Go easy on yourself. None of us gets out of this alive. In the end of it all, we all go to the same place. Just allow yourself a little forgiveness. I will see you all soon when I post my first blog this year. God Bless and thank you all for travelling on this journey with me.

Monday Thirst

Delicate twists of a frayed ribbon, her neck lined with the remnants of his destruction. Once around, his fist holding her fate, he looped his finger as the soft fabric tightened her noose. Eyes widening, her breaths hot and labored, she watched with devotion as he once again twisted the vice that slowly devoured her ability to breathe.

“Do you trust me?” he asked?

“With my entire life,” she replied.